French Protests | Fifth Night Updates

The French protests, which started after a teenager of Algerian descent was shot dead by a traffic police officer, have entered the fifth night. While the funeral was held on Saturday, the protests have become violent. The videos of the streets of France burning are shared on the internet by people and the whole world seems worried about France. 

French Protests | Fifth Night Updates

French Protests | Fifth Night Updates

While over 1300 protesters have been arrested in one night between Friday to Saturday and more than 45000 Police forces have been deployed in France by the government to stop the riots, the protests have entered the fifth night. 

The funeral of the 17 years old boy Nahel Merzouk has been held in Nanterre in a Mosque and then his coffin was buried in the local Mont ValĂ©rien cemetery. The media reports show that there was silence during the funeral. The mother of Nahel, when interviewed, said that she only blamed one policeman who shot her son. 

The protesters, however, are not sitting down as they think this case, along with multiple previous cases, is the result of hatred and racism in French police against minorities, especially of African descent. 

The previous day, the French government announced a ban on ‘large-scale events’ to slow down the protests and revive peace in the country but in response to the ban, the protests have increased and multiple heavy clashes have occurred between police and protesters in the southern city of Marseille. The police are using tear gas to scatter the protestors.

The situation in France has become tense as President Emmanuel Macron canceled his visit to Germany which was due on July 1, 2023. According to AFP, meetings with the national police and Interior Ministry are held by the French President. 

The President seemed worried in his latest tweets and statements. He says that social media is causing an increase in the unrest.  

Last night, President Macron showed his concerns that almost a third of the protesters arrested were young citizens, therefore, he called the parents to educate their children. Today, the president blamed video games and parents for this troubled state of affairs. 

The French Football Player Kylian MbappĂ© has also tweeted to show his worries regarding the current unrest in France and said that his heart is with the ‘little angel’ while talking about Nahel’s death.

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