Janet Yellen's Visit to Beijing

Janet Yellen's Visit to Beijing

Janet Yellen's Visit to Beijing

The United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is going to have a visit to Beijing to meet with top officials in China in the hope to ameliorate the diplomatic relationship between China and US. 

The treasury secretary has announced that the visit is going to be for four days. Janet Yellen is not going to meet with President Xi Jinping but with some of the top officials in China and some businessmen in the US. 

This visit of hers is not expected to provide any breakthrough in bettering the relations with the US, said a treasury official. The visit to Beijing will be a try to break the ice between the two top economies of the world and increase cooperation between the two states. 

Last month, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a visit to China in an attempt of increasing communication with Chinese officials. Janet Yellen’s visit will make her the second person from the US cabinet to make a visit to Beijing. 

Foreign relations between China and US were established in 1979 but since then are not going good. The divergence of economic and security policies of both powerful states is a hindrance in the relations. Last November, Biden, and Xi reached some agreements but they were again scratched due to the Chinese spy balloon suspected in the US early this year. 

Both these visits by the US official are set to grow communication and ease the tension between them. The US treasury official further said that it wants to increase cooperation with China on many small and large-level issues such as climate change efforts. 

In April, the US treasury secretary talked about the ‘three pillars of the US-China economic relationship’ and she plans to discuss it in her visit as well. The US wants healthier economic relations with China but it also raises its concerns over some of the Chinese policies as well as actions regarding Human Rights, economic policies, etc. The Chinese government also has concerns about US interference in Taiwan as well as some of its economic policies. 


The treasury secretary is flying to Beijing to discuss some important issues with the Chinese top officials which will be a step forward in easing communication and increasing collaboration with the Chinese government. While keeping in view some recent political events, these talks are very less likely to be successful in mending relations between both states. 

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