Israel’s Operation in West Bank | An Overview

Israel has carried out a high-scale military operation in Jenin Refugee Camp. It was the biggest operation in the last two decades. The tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have mounted up. Following is a brief overview of the two-day operation in Jenin and the latest updates on the event. 

Israel’s Operation in West Bank | An Overview

Israel’s Operation in West Bank | An Overview

Two days ago, Israel started its largest military operation since 2002, in Jenin, West Bank. This operation was set to crush the base of Islamic Jihadi militants in the Refugee Camp in Jenin having more than 13000 refugees

Clashes between the Palestinians and Israelis have become a regular thing, significantly since these events have escalated this year. These tensions are rooted in a century-old history. The settlements of Israelis in Palestinian lands, which according to International Law are illegal, have created much hated in the oppressed Palestinians.

Attacks from both sides continued this year. According to the Israeli authorities, most of the attacks from the Palestinian side were carried out from the refugee camp in Jenin. Therefore, they planned to do this operation to kill the ‘terrorists’.

Air operations in Jenin were going on for months. During the last few weeks, the killings from both sides were increasing in the form of small attacks. A Palestinian 15-year-old girl was killed two weeks ago by the Israeli Forces. The following day, four Jews died in an attack on a restaurant, by a Palestinian militant. 

In the last two days, about 12 Palestinians and 1 Israeli have been killed. This ground operation in Jenin has not been viewed positively by the world. Many states including Iran, Malaysia, The Arab League, Jordan, and Egypt have condemned this operation of Israel. 

Jordan and Egypt have called it a war crime. Malaysia has condemned it in the strongest terms. Germany said they admit that Israel has a right to self-defense but in this case, they must keep in view the proportionality, indirectly condemning the operation. 

Israel has also been doing humanitarian crimes. The Israeli Security Forces said that they were not targeting civilians and were not killing children but were only attacking the militants. However, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 3 children were killed by the Israeli forces in this operation. According to PHRI, 5 civilians were injured with 3 in critical situation. 

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, their goals have been achieved and they are now withdrawing from the site. This two-day operation has done severe damage not just to civilians but also to the infrastructure and properties. 

About 140 Palestinians are injured with 30 of them in critical situation, according to the reports published by World Health Organization. About 3000 Palestinians had to flee with a night according to a Palestinian Red Crescent official.

According to analysts, no good could be achieved from this attack and it only flared the existing conflict. Violence only invites further violence.

The AFP has reported that Israel is striking from the air at the Hamas military bases in Northern Gaza after several rockets were launched. The ‘Israeli Defense Forces’ also later announced the strikes.

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