Climate Change: A Vexed Question

Climate Change: A Vexed Question

Climate Change: A Vexed Question 

The world has seen its hottest June and has hit a new record in the previous month, the EU’s climate monitoring service said. The world is enduring a scorching summer this year. All across the world, heat waves, floods, droughts, and wildfires are going on. All of these events are directly related to Climate Change

Different states of the USA and countries of Southern Europe are experiencing intense heat waves. Wildfires have erupted in the USA, Canada, and Spain. Asian countries are vulnerable to floods and record-high temperatures. 

Heat waves and High Temperatures

In Japan, the authorities have alarmed tens of millions of people about heat strokes in Kumagay City, Saitama. They said that the record of the highest temperature, which is 41.1°C (106 F), can be beaten in the coming days. 

Powerful heat strokes are reported by the United States National Weather Service to be stretching from California to Texas. The reports say that the temperature in California Death Valley is possibly going to surpass 54°C (129°F). 

The Italian Meteorologist Giulo Betti, reported by BBC, said that the heat waves in Europe were 'Abnormal'. Historically, many heat waves came but these are not normal. 

About 16 cities are on red alert for intense heat waves in Italy. The European Space Agency has predicted that the temperature will reach 48°C (118°F) in Sicily and Sardinia. 

40°C (104°F) on Monday and 42 - 43°C (108-109°F) on Tuesday is predicted in Rome, which will break the record of 40.5°C, set in August 2007. 

Severe heat waves are predicted all across Southern Europe. In Romania, the temperature is reported to reach 39°C (102°F), whereas, in Spain, the temperature is predicted to rise to 40°C (104°F). 

In China, the authorities have alerted for high temperatures in different regions. The temperature will be 40 - 45°C in some regions of Xinjiang and 39°C in the Guangxi region. 

Wild Fire

In California, numerous wildfires have started burning and damaging about 3000 hectares (7,413 acres) of land. Authorities are still fighting the wildfires in some of the regions. 

Canada has experienced devastating wildfires this year. These wildfires have damaged 10 Million hectares (25 million acres) of land, and more wildfires are expected this summer. 

The Wildfires in the Spanish Canary Islands of La Palma have affected about 4650 hectares (11,490 acres) of land. The authorities had to evacuate more than 4000 people and the wildfires are still “out of control”. 

The Spanish Red Cross worker Patricia Sanchez said she felt powerless to see how everything was burning. 

Floods/ Heavy Rains

Floods in South Korea have taken the lives of 39 people and many people are still stuck in tunnels. Heavy rains, floods, and landslides have created a catastrophe in South Korea. The authorities said they were having difficulties searching for people as the sites are covered with mud. 

Several people have died in Japan due to Floods. In India, about 90 people have so far died in floods. India faces floods in the monsoon season every year but according to experts, Climate change is increasing the severity of these natural disasters. 

IPCC Predictions

According to the Director of ICCCD in Bangladesh, these Climate disasters were predicted by the IPCC, which is an Inter-governmental panel that works on climate change and provides scientific reports. He said that these events were predicted to occur much later but they are happening now, which is a concern for the world. 

According to the analysts of Climate Change, these events are natural but climate change has increased the severity of these events. The world's dependence on fossil fuels and the rising global temperature are somewhat the causes of these heat waves. The global yearly emissions of Carbon dioxide are not decreasing, therefore the global temperature is constantly and rapidly increasing.

John Kerry’s Visit to China

The United States special envoy to climate change, John Kerry, has reached China, on a 4 days visit, to meet his counterpart Xie Zhenhua, to “have an in-depth exchange of views” on global warming. Both USA and China have shown positive signals in collaboration between these two great powers to work on global warming. 

These talks will be focused on the issues such as lowering carbon dioxide and methane emissions, reducing the use of coal, and helping small countries in combating Climate Change.

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