10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

Many people desire to do something on their part about climate change but feel utterly powerless. Here are 10 things you can do to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis. 

1- Speak out!

The most effective way to contribute is to speak out to others and aware them of the calamity and seriousness of the matter. This will multiply the actions taken against the upcoming climate disaster. 

You can also raise your voice to the local offices. Make the policymakers prioritize climate change in their policies through your voice. 

Another effective way is to write about it. You can reach out to a larger population through pen and paper. The Internet can be used productively for this purpose as well.

2- Read

Reading about the issue will help you many folds in combating climate change. Read books about climate change and the environment to be better connected with knowledge. 

Read the newspaper and be aware of the changes happening at local, national, and International levels regarding climate change. In this way, you can identify those struggling for the same cause. 

3- Run for Office

Running for the President is not possible for an ordinary citizen, though, you can run at the local level. If you find the regional offices not concerned about the issue of climate change, you can take that position and run the office.

4- Minimize your Home’s emissions

Our homes and offices emit a large number of greenhouse gases daily using air conditioners, furnaces, water heating and cooling systems, and room heaters.

ACs are used copiously in households, especially in first-world countries more than 90% of people have ACs in their homes or offices. 

You can reduce the use of these things, resultantly reducing carbon emissions. Or you can replace them with environment-friendly heating and cooling systems, completely zeroing carbon emissions.

5- Change your transport mean

The greenhouse gases emitted from transport vehicles constitute about 16% of the total GHGs emitted each year. You can bring down the use of vehicles that run on natural gas and petrol.

The most effective measure in this regard would be to switch to electric vehicles. Although electric vehicles are not as efficient as the ones that run on natural gas, they are the need of the hour and will be more beneficial in the longer run.

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6- Plant some trees

Deforestation has exacerbated not only just environmental degradation but also affected the climate change process. By planting trees, you can save the environment at the local level. Guide others towards tree plantation and also participate in the government’s tree plantation activities.

6- Plant some trees

7- You can try some Plant-based Fast food

The meat we eat, results in the increase of our carbon footprints. Burgers are eaten by almost every second person, as a result, the collective carbon emissions are very high. So, you can reduce the amount of meat consumed or convert it to plant-based burgers.

According to the UN statistics, if a person shifts to a vegetable-based diet, it reduces about 500 kilograms of a person’s yearly carbon footprint. And if a person becomes fully vegan, it can help reduce about 900 kilograms of its annual carbon footprint.

8- Recycle

All the textile, electronic, and plastic things we use emit a significantly large amount of GHGs into the atmosphere. If you use more items made of plastic, it means the manufacturers are releasing more and more carbon into the environment.

You can reduce those emissions by reusing the products as well as recycling those products. 

8- Recycle

9- By Not Wasting Food 

The food which is wasted, when degrades, emits methane gas into the atmosphere. You can order or make the food according to your needs to save the environment. 

If there is leftover food, then instead of wasting it you can give it to a needy person to avoid wastage of food.

10- Reduce your Home’s Energy Utilization

The electricity we use in our homes, offices, streets, etc. emits, during its generation, more than 27% of the total carbon dioxide released yearly, which is about 13-14 billion tons of CO₂. 

You can minimize the wastage of electricity and also change the mean of electricity to solar or wind energy. 

Small individual steps may not contribute much towards saving the environment, but they can collectively impact the environment significantly. 

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