What’s Happening in France | Teenage Boy Killed by Police

What's Happening in France? Protests have erupted in multiple cities of France after a 17 years old teen was killed by police with a gunshot. The French protests, in the past few days, have captured the eyes of the global media. People from around the globe are concerned about what’s happening in France. Here is a brief overview of the situation.

What’s Happening in France

What’s Happening in France | Teenage Boy Killed by Police

Nahel, a 17 years old Algerian origin kid, was shot dead by police on Tuesday morning. In the video circulating on the internet, where the incident happening can be seen, it is apparently seen as Nahel was not abiding by the traffic rules. The police officer shot him in the chest when his car rolled off and crashed. Following this act of brutality by the police there have been protests across many cities in France starting from Nanterre, where the boy’s mother Mounia is leading the protests. Nahel was the only son of Mounia. He did not know about his father. They were of Algerian origin.

The French Police Department condemns this incident and says that it is not a matter of the whole police but only a matter of one or two policemen who will be persecuted and dealt with according to the law. However, the protesters have a different thing to say. Some of the protesters when interviewed said that they are not against the state and they know that Nahel was not following the traffic rules but he should not have been brutally killed. A crime of this small level did not demand a gunshot. The protesters further have a say that it is not a matter of one or two policemen but there had been incidents of systemic racism before as well. The Prime Minister of France Emanuel Macron has also condemned this incident. 

On Friday, the Interior Ministry of France said that after the third night of riots, about 875 protesters were arrested. Furthermore, there have been about 249 injuries on the police side. The riots have taken a horrible shape in France. People are flaming vehicles and smashing the glass of buildings, schools, police stations, etc. Hence, the French Government has announced to deal with the riots by deploying 45000 Policemen

The UN Human Rights Office has also shown concerns about the fatal encounter of a teen by the police and has also revealed concerns about the systemic racism in France. Furthermore, the UNHRO also said the French government to take this event as an opportunity to tackle its systemic racism and control police brutality. The French government, however, has opposed the statement given by UNHRO about racism in France.

The activists in France also link this event to the systemic racism present in the French police department. They say it is a case of police brutality. Over the years, the cases of police brutality, especially against black or African origin people, are increasing. Although the Policeman who shot the fire is arrested, the activists say that the assailants of previous cases were also persecuted but nothing happened afterward. They say that the law protects against the brutality of Police. 

The lawyer of the Policeman who shot the gun says that his client did not intend to kill the kid. He drew the gun to shoot at his leg to stop him but accidentally shot him in the chest. He only did it to comply with the law. He is guilty about it and also wants forgiveness from the family. 

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